MVD Doda holds Road Safety Awareness Program in Far-Flung Dessa Area 


DODA: A road safety awareness program was today conducted in the remote area of Dessa here under the leadership of ARTO Doda, Rajesh Gupta. 

The primary objective was to educate the public about road safety measures and precautions aligning with the ongoing National Road Safety Month campaign.

 The Motor Vehicles Department (MVD)  conducted road safety programs in key locations such as Bhagwah, Dessa  Gai, and Mazmi, where large gatherings of locals, drivers, and MVD officials converged. 

Led by Inspector Robim Parihar, the MVD team explained rules and guidelines focusing on critical aspects of road safety, including avoiding mobile phone usage while driving and overspeed, ensuring proper vehicle fitness and maintaining tire conditions to prevent accidents, especially in hilly areas.

In remote areas like  Bhagwah Gai,, and Mazmi, the emphasis was on counseling the public about the significance of road safety, with a particular emphasis on driving in hilly regions. 

Additional driving tips included raising awareness about the presence of black ice, a common hazard in colder climates, which can lead to accidents if not approached with caution. 

By targeting these specific areas, the MVD aimed to educate and empower communities to adopt safer driving practices, thereby reducing road accidents and promoting safer road environments.

Under the overarching theme of National Road Safety Month, initiatives like these underscore the importance of fostering a culture of safety on the roads. By engaging directly with local communities and drivers, the MVD, under the leadership of ARTO Rajesh Gupta, plays a crucial role in advocating for safer road behaviors and ultimately saving lives.