Importance of Mental Health



We all are suffering from mental issues in one way or the other. Be it financial issues, society issues, family issues or heartbreaks. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic situation and lockdown one cannot imagine a positive mental health. Depression and anxiety is a common issue now. It seems peace has left our lives.

Panic attacks, over thinking, sleeping disorders are all because of our disturbed mental health. It is necessary to have a positive mindset. It can be achieved when we come out of our busy schedules, leave our phones aside and focus on some physical exercises like yoga or going out for a walk by spending some time with nature.

When a person is mentally fit he or she has the power to rule the whole world, but when a person is mentally ill the world has the power to ruin him. It’s absolutely alright to discuss our problems with our family members, relatives or friends instead of wasting time by over thinking. It is not an embarrassing issue. It is quite necessary to develop awareness about mental health problems.

Depression is a silent killer. It should not be ignored. It must be treated at the earlier stage. Every year we see so many suicide cases because of depression or mentally retarded cases. By giving someone the advice of taking tranquilizers is not enough. We have to understand the problem of depression. A depressed person needs positive talks, he needs hopes. Sometimes our encouraging words can save someone’s life. So keep spreading positivity.

There is already so much despair and negative vibes in the world. Let our smile heal the soul of a depressed one. By taunting them or reminding them of the things which they want to forget will only push them deeper and deeper in the well of anxiety and depression. Let’s give them hope and some positivity. The COVID-19 pandemic has become the major cause of depression these days.

Self isolation ruins the mental health of people. It develops a gap between the people. Isolated person gets cut off from the world. Spending about nineteen days alone in a room is not a joke at all. No doubt it’s a wrath from God but we were never used to such things. We are outgoing people, enjoying with friends, going out for parties, going out for shopping. But now we are in a country where cases are rising rapidly.

Therefore we can’t go out and we are supposed to stay within the four walls of our house thereby increasing the possibility of mental issues. It is rightly said that there is a beautiful sunrise after the devastating storm so we should always look at the positive side of the things to eliminate the negative ones.

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