Empowering School Libraries: DIET Doda organises 3-Day Workshop 


DODA: To rejuvenate and enhance the management of school libraries, the District Institute of Education and Training (DIET) Doda organised a comprehensive three-day workshop. 

The event, held from August 28th to August 30th, 2023, took place at the DIET Doda ICT lab. Impressively, out of a target of 50, 49 participants actively engaged in the workshop.

The inauguration of this vital workshop was conducted by Varinder Singh, Head of DIET Doda and featured  Kismat Singh, Lecturer at DIET, as the resource person. 

The success of this initiative was made possible with the dedicated contribution of Zakia Khanum, Librarian at DIET, Musarat Jahan, Senior Lecturer at DIET and Hans Raj, Librarian GDC Doda.

The primary objective of this workshop was to sensitize participants about the strategies necessary for revitalizing and managing libraries that have fallen into disuse and dormancy. A

Additionally, the event aimed to raise awareness about fostering interest and motivation among children to cultivate a habit of reading within the library’s serene environment.

Participants were also enlightened on how to transform the library into a hub for recreation, amusement, and learning. 

Emphasis was placed on the pivotal role of librarians in sparking curiosity, exploration, investigation, and learning through access to high-quality books within the libraries.

The active engagement and commitment displayed by the participants ensured the workshop’s effectiveness and success. 

They assured to implement the guidelines and training modules provided during the workshop in their respective educational institutions with enthusiasm and dedication. 

This workshop undoubtedly marks a significant step towards rejuvenating the role of libraries in the education system of Doda.