ECI guidelines flouted as Naib Tehsildars posted back to home districts


Malik Jehangir 

SRINAGAR: In what could be termed as violation of laid down guidelines by Election Commission of India the office of Financial Commissioner (Revenue) has transferred Naib Tehsildars back to their home districts even with premature stay.

Sources said that the Naib Tehsildars who were posted outside the district few months back have been again posted in their home districts. They said these officials greased the palms of officers and officials of the Financial Commissioner Revenue and made their transfer back to home districts. 

One of the officers wishing not to be named said that Department of Revenue is day by day losing its sheen not by its inability to come upto to the expectations of the general public due to ill conceived policies and languishing projects and the lack of basic infrastructure and skilled man power but due to the corruption that is deep rooted at the higher echelons of power.

 “The officials and officers at office of Financial Commissioner Revenue who are mandated to  streamline the workforce of the department at field and to set right the technical snags  are making hay days under the garb of instructions of Election Commission of India by running a full fledged transfer industry,” said sources.

Sources said the directions of the Election Commission of India are implemented more in breach than observance.The transfer orders of the Naib-Tehsildars is merely an eye wash to befool the people and the political parties, they said.

Sources said that the  transfer policy issued by the GAD from time to time seems to be applied only for common officials and not for blue eyed officials who are using the money power and boast that rules are meant to grovel their feet.

“ Naib Tehsildar post is a state cadre post and person either appointed directly to it or by way of promotion is under obligation to serve anywhere in the state but the irony is that the officials at the Financial Commission (Revenue) are playing a game of deceit by way of prematurely transferring the officials,” said the sources.

Sources said that it is mind boggling that an official transferred some six months back has been repatriated to his or her home district. They said that these officials used money power and influence to get prematurely transferred and that too to their home districts.

“The transfer order No.FC (A) 60 of 2019 dated 21-02-2019 is in total contravention of ECI guidelines. Another bizzare transfer order issued vide Order No.59 of 2019 Dated 18-02-2019 is that a Naib-Tehsildar has been transferred from one Naibat to another within same tehsil where he has served right from patwari,” sources said.

Sources said that these officials time and again either use political clout or money power to retain their posting at one place so as to settle their scores by manipulating records right from the days they were posted as patwaris there upto reaching the level of Naib-Tehsildars. They said that to add insult to the injury, the Divisional Commissioner Kashmir has also toed the same line in transferring the Girdawars vide order No 611- DIVCOM of -2019 dated 26-02-2019.

In the meantime, the aggrieved officials have requested the Governor administration to act touch against the erring officials by rescinding these transfer order and set a new example that favoritism and money power no longer will set the tone in Revenue Department.


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