Water Quality Assessment Team inspects Filter Plant in Doda Town


DODA: Acting under the direction of Deputy Commissioner Harvinder Singh, the Water Quality Assessment Team visited the Water Filter Plant in Doda Town.

The purpose of the visit was to evaluate the quality of drinking water and identify potential contaminants or hazards.

During the visit, the team led by Executive Engineer Jal Shakti  Er Sudesh Kumar Bhagat closely monitored the water testing process and engaged with the lab’s staff to ensure compliance with established protocols.

The team members explained that they are responsible for identifying all sources of drinking water within the municipal jurisdictions of Doda, Bhaderwah, and Thathri.

This includes public taps, bore wells, reservoirs, and private wells. The team collected the water samples from Filter Plant Manchain Doda and maintained a detailed chain of custody to ensure proper record-keeping and compliance with regulatory standards. Comprehensive testing will be conducted to identify any potential health risks.

The team conducting the water quality assessment comprised Umar Anayat (Epidemiologist), Sanjeev Rana (I/c Legal), Faizan A Tramboo (I/c Distt Media Desk Health Deptt) and Shabir Ahmed (In-Charge Sanitary Inspector) and other officials from Jal Shakti Department, working under the guidance of CMO Dr Om Kumar.

Their collective expertise ensures that the process adheres to all regulatory requirements and that the data collected is reliable for maintaining public health and safety.

The visit underscores the commitment of local authorities to ensure the safety and quality of drinking water. It is part of a broader initiative to promote public health and hygiene within the region, demonstrating a proactive approach to addressing potential health risks associated with water contamination.