Uttar Pradesh DSP is demoted to constable; was found in hotel room with woman constable


A DSP, who was found in a hotel with a woman constable three years back, has been demoted to the rank of a constable in Provincial Armed Contablulary (PAC) in Gorakhpur, officials said on Monday.

Kripa Shankar Kannaujiya, 59, has been demoted to his original rank of constable on Saturday, cancelling all his promotions in a move considered rare.

Kannaujiya, who was Circle Officer in Unnao in 2021, took leave from work citing family engagements but did not go home and was instead found with a woman constable in a hotel near Kanpur.

Police authorities initiated a probe against him after his wife created a scene at the spot.

The action against Kannaujiya was taken under the UP Government Servant (Discipline and Appeal) Rules, 1999, which allow reverting to the first post as a penalty, a senior officer said.

The action is said to be rarest of rare and was sent as a strong message against those involved in such acts, the officer said.

Kannaujiya has a year left before retirement and he has to perform the duties of a constable due to his demotion.