The untold tail of ‘Back to Village’ prorgamme


S. Mohammad Tahir: Though first time, the government had took a stand to reach out to the people living in villages through, a programme called, ‘Back to Village’ got a positive response from all quarters as it was for the betterment and welfare of rural masses. But can we ask that, has it fulfilled the goal that was purely based on interactions with the common masses that what the basic facilities they are lacking in present scenario, perhaps they are still in dilemma that in what way it was meant for.

The ‘back to village’ programme that started its journey in the state of Jammu and Kashmir on June 20 and came to an end on June 27, during this period the entire administrative, nodal and Thesil officers that were appointed by the government were on toes.

During this special programme, all the officers visited almost 4,500 panchayats in the state, where they spend two days and hold meetings with elected panchs, sarpanchs, they also interacted with people at grass root level.

If the aim of this programme was something special, like as to move good governance to the doorsteps of the people in villages, but at the same time the problems were heard randomly and people believe that it was just a futile exercise with no outcome.

It has become order of the day to show the masses that your problems are readdressed while as fact of the matter is that, the committee that was assigned for the job to reach out at the grass root level with related to problems the common of man is still unaddressed with bunch of doubts that are roaming in their minds.

One can hardly understand that, ‘Back to Village’ was such an initiative from the state and central government that could have took the masses into the confidence, to hold their nerves, to understand their problems, to come to their expectation with the government that they have missed or lost since 1947 when India got freedom from the British government.

‘Back to village’ was not only such a programme that could have built up the mutual understanding between the masses, but to involve them in various social and political activities, unfortunately the problems are still existing in villages.

The team visited various government functionaries, they took on spot assessment of the outer problems, but could not solve the problems of employees, be it an education department, health, revenue, or get together meetings with other co related departments or departments they were preferably assigned for.

The back to village programme should have been aimed for an improvement in village life, to uplift their standard of living, the development of infrastructures so that they could get all the facilities at their door steps, otherwise the problem will remain lingering till a concrete plans and polices will not be framed.

A committee should have been framed with given powers to them that how to utilize the state and non state plan funds in the right direction, to activate such institutions should have been a primary focus of government, who were well aware of the problems so that it could have been readdressed in time bound manner.

The governor Satya Pal Malik and his advisors has brought some tremendous changes and they are enthusiastic to take developmental projects to its logical conclusions, which needs appreciation from all quarters.

Need of the hour is to work on feedbacks and responses from the people if, Back to Village’ committee has received them, so that the development will take place about which all people are looking for, it is a bitter truth that at the end of the day, what matters is what people were expecting from the government.


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