The irrational politics Shall it retain the values of politics any way…?


Zahoor Ragi:

The governance has to be with the medium of expression through attitudinal organizational behavior leading to developments for every living being.  Thus capabilities within ensure projective and productive affairs of day to day life by exploring social behavioral changes through information, education, and communication and has to be a network that can define the legacy of millions around. The mother`s vision always serves equally for every child irrespective of activities of diversifications but unfortunately, today`s politics proves indifferent. Though politics is the real mother of comforts today it has diversifications with belief.

The complexion of persons can vary but players of reality take their innings to logic end of sustenance irrespective of their do`s and don’ts taking into consideration overall set up at community levels to bring developments and structural changes to govern the land in order to prove mastered art of politics. Ignoring taking on board at least the opposition or otherwise can never play safe to guard the interests of the people overall.

Understanding the verses of life, the politician has to take into consideration aspects to win hearts and take on board the opposition even for a change in the historical ruling where every effort itself has to be proved sincerely and honestly with a confession of leading to serve equally one and all. Here starts the real attempt of the ability of any politician but alas politicians intend to rule with their own intentions and ultimately land into trouble because of not holding their promises. Democratic tactics are to be used to enhance developments or any structural changes for the life of a common man.

Earlier historic visit of Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modi proved to be concept of irrational politics that might have added to his credit but it unfolded intentional psychological warfare which never can project smiles on the faces of distressed people who went through so many phases of struggle and are looking in for hope of ray to take issues to logical end. People at large blamed the public representatives of the land. The calm and quite Kashmir projected resentment where birds were nested and the sun was shining upon the deserted land. A profile, to change the political mindset up of Modi`s vision needs a definite grill which has been projected by the people at large from nook and corner of the alley.

The visits of concern are written in golden words by the history itself with diversifications of character towards state as a whole. It will again be the promise with lakhs of people among whom, a small percentage shall be holding the flag of BJP, a percentage just to listen to dramatized structure of politics, one more percentage of the people would be from opposition sitting calm and quite, either to change their mind set ups or develop character in order to prove able by voting or not voting. Media may project a win by covering the event showing huge gathering but actual gathering shall carry maximum people to witness the show.

Clarifications made through advocated lessons of understanding  will bear almost fruits to enter into the mainstream political sphere of Jammu and Kashmir with an edge of socio-psycho analysis of public through the special team of politicians whose one word can change the scenario. Mr.Narendra Modi`s vision of narrative versions stands too high but a visible impact on the ground remains with the leader of the country. Practicing politicians shall have to leave a mark of respect for the people who have suffered at the hands of natural calamities with unforeseen future.  To sustain manifesto without any change in the political history shall have to be worked out various levels of understandings.

Modi`s justified one-man show or projected leadership shall try to enter the hearts but his speech full of slamming opposition may not prove successful or beneficial for future. Analysts quote the day as marching towards ruling the indifferent races of Jammu and Kashmir including Ladakh.  Coalition even seems indifferent because of the internal policies of mainstream parties for which consensus to engage two is far away. To be a leader means to be certain but uncertainty within can shake the leadership though advocated and admired structures of irregularities of a fragmented political structure shall be wearing a dress of moments to change the scenario.

Land of saints and brilliant brain has always set aside the unconditional socio-political proceedings but today shall have to wait and watch for the packs of packages those can add a word of healing touch policy. But analysts predict one man show may lead the gathering but hearts are actually to be won by proving in depth human relationship of moral and ethical support by elevators of humanity.  It has not to be psychological warfare but in reality crystal clear appearance of the character to develop the art governing humanity.

Let us hope Mr.Modi`s visit serves the purpose of human gesture irrespective of past histories those never live a life but provide an opportunity to live for others by justifying the version of human nature. Irrational attitude can never lead to success or benefit to live a life of leader that too of course having the majority but character yet has to define the love of people in general and political aspirants in particular.

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