SHAME- Allegedly raped by father, Bandipora girl ‘ends life’


Bandipora: A girl allegedly raped by his father, repeatedly, over years, in Challiwan village of Bandipora district ended her life by consuming some poisonous substance at her home.

A police statement issued here said that the girl was taken to hospital for medical treatment where she breathed her last, on Saturday.

Her father has been arrested, it added.
Earlier, the girl’s sister supported by an uncle had come out, alleging rape of her sister by father.

“When my sister was told (by uncles) that police will hold her accountable too, she consumed poison,” the victim’s sister said today.

“Fearing for her honour she went away and ate some poison. I am not sure if she took it by herself or was fed by my father since he went behind her,” she said later.

She alleged that her father had made advances towards her too, but that she resisted.

She had threatened to expose her father earlier, she said, but was threatened with ‘forced marriage’ and ‘restricted schooling’. Her extended family, she said, discouraged her, from reporting the matter to police, fearing a bad name to family.

“My uncles and grandfather told me that it was better to remain silent over it fearing the honour of the family and even tried to forcefully marry me off so that I won’t speak up about it to anyone, my father even tried to burn my books and stop my schooling and the other day they were taking me to some undisclosed location probably for murder”.

However, with the support of one of her uncles, they reported the issue to police.
Another sister of the girl also demanded punishment for their father.


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