Scores of casual labours working as domestic help of Babus


Mohammad Tahir:

SRINAGAR: Though the Mughals had left valley, but footprints of luxurious life was left with babus who have been allegedly using service of some class fourth employees as domestic help which seems, ‘no work and no pay, have not been implemented in letter and spirit in J&K.

According to sources, “there are maximum class fourth employees, and quota is from the daily wagers, need based employees or still SPOs of various departments who are being paid salaries/remunerations whatsoever are found in domestic works of various officers/officials.

“We believe that, the law of ‘no work and no pay’ affirms that people especially government employees should not have been paid salaries when their services are rendered by some officials/officers in their domestic chores,” said sources.

Sources said that, they have met some daily wagers, need based employees of PHE, I&FC, PWD, R&B, PDD, who claimed that they have rendered maximum service of their life at the home of some retired officials, these employees were given, ‘a word of promise’ that their services will be made permanent once they will get a chance.

“Once the government official is retiring from services, they have no authority whatsoever to keep the employees for doing household chores, and during their services they have also no authority to take the services of employees for their domestic help, sources added.

They believe that, during Mughal era who have ruled India for less than two centuries have somewhere left their footprints of “my way or the highway” technique wherein they were dictating terms for their subordinates, and case in no more different in Jammu and Kashmir where some officials are beating the same drums of autocracy.

“Even though, there are also some top officers in police department who were almost retired ten years back, are still guarded by the SPOs, who are not only providing them security but their services are being utilized in domestic work as well,” sources said.

Scores of class fourth employees have been deputed by their officials for domestic help, and departments are lacking their presence where they could have rendered for the welfare of public and government has failed to take any action against the violators.

The acrimony of domestic help by most of the class fourth is found in Jammu and Kashmir.

“At a time when ‘law of no work no pay’ affirms that, employees should not be paid salary or remuneration, then why the state government has failed to check such irregularities in the state where there are reports that most of class fourth employees of different departments are working as domestic help at the residence of officials,” sources informed.

Sources also said that, if the employees have been deployed with any official, then who suffers at the actual place of postings, it is the general public only, and government must think over it.


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