Saddened by the plight of 90 year old man’s, SSP Srinagar backed him as a son


Srinagar: In a inspiring gesture Srinagar police Chief SSP Sandeep Chaudhary decided to pay Rs one lakh from his pocket to a 90-year- street food vendor who was robbed on Saturday evening in the old city of Srinagar.

Abdul Rahman, a roadside channa seller, was thrashed by some bugglers at Bohri Kadal Srinagar on Saturday evening and all the money around one lakh was snatched from him which he had saved for his last rites.

Abdul Rahman who sells street food at downtown Srinagar has no one besides him to earn. He lives alone in his home while selling street food to earn a livelihood so that he could save something for his last rites.

In this old age when Abdul Rahman should be at home caring for his health yet the helplessness and aloofness has made him to work tireslessly in order to earn a penny for his daily livelihood.

What made the bugglers loot money from him who earns just for Almighty’s sake? Thrashing a old man and then snatching his hard earned money is absolutely an inhumane act. The Civil society and the administration should take a action in this regard.

The members of civil society who are working for the welfare of needy people should take this matter into consideration and help the old man in every possible way as he has no one in his family who will give him a hand of even a empathy.

Meanwhile, while talking to Kashmir News Service (KNS), Sandeep Chaudhary said that when I saw his video on internet I couldn’t bear the helplessness he was facing at that time. So, I decided to help him and give him One lakh from my own pocket till the bugglers will be caught.

Helping a person who works tirelessly just to earn a penny is itself a service to humanity, he said.

SSP said that, After The video and a photograph of this old man went viral on social media in which whole incident was mentioned by him about the robbery.

He said that he was also beaten up by the robbers and then his money was snatched by them.

“After seeing this heart wrenching video decided to help him before the robbers are caught”, he said.

Sandeep Chaudhary said “Sometimes it takes time to catch the culprits. I saw his face and I was distressed to see his helplessness. Money is not a problem.

First of all we are humans and humanity is above all else. He has no one in his family to take care of him nor to help him in this situation. So, I decided to help him in my small way,” Chaudhary said.

If he had a son didn’t he had helped his father if he found him distressed, so I did the same, he added.

SSP said usually old men take along their money because of the fear of misplacing it. “He had Rs 1.60 lakh with him. In one pocket, he had Rs one lakh and in another, he had Rs 60,000. Robbers looted Rs one lakh. For a poor man, saving so much money takes life. I was extremely saddened to hear this incident” he said.

Police have registered an FIR and investigation has been put on the fast track. “We showed him the pictures of some suspects yesterday, but he could not identify anyone. The investigation is on,” he said.

Meanwhile, the gesture of the police officer is winning hearts in Kashmir. But the society should also help the needy persons like him and should spare a helpless person by their evil motives as these shameful acts wont bring anything better to the culprits.


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