NC, PDP, PC reject domicile law


‘Attempt to change demography of J&K’

SRINAGAR: Political parties in Jammu & Kashmir on Tuesday rejected the domicile rules unveiled by the administration of the Union Territory. In separate statements to news agency—Kashmir News Observer (KNO),  National Conference, Peoples Democratic Party, Peoples Conference and other parties opposed the rules, saying they are aimed at demography of Jammu and Kashmir.

In a statement, National Conference said it has taken a principled stand on the floor of the Parliament and outside that the decisions of 5th August 2019 taking away special status and constitutional guarantees available to Jammu and Kashmir and dividing and downgrading the State are unconstitutional, unilateral as also against the federalism, the basic structure of the Constitution.

“The Party has pleaded these grounds before the Court. The post 5th August events in Jammu and Kashmir also indicate massive public disapproval of the decisions in all the three regions,” the party said.

The party said the Domicile Order and Rules would not be acceptable at any point of time because of well -known stand of the party that the measures are aimed at disempowering the people of Jammu and Kashmir and effecting demographic change.

“The timing of the Order and Procedure in question is also grossly inappropriate and unethical in as much as when entire mankind including the people of Jammu and Kashmir are in complete lockdown engaged in battle of survival against Coronavirus, the Government of India has found this opportune time to push in the measures, palpably anti people and unconstitutional,” it said.

The Peoples Democratic Party said it will resist attempts to change demography of Jammu and Kashmir through all democratic and peaceful means.  “Even a pandemic is no deterrent for the GOI to continue with its disempowerment project for JK.

Orders like the one on domicile certificates don’t settle anything, neither do they cover up the August 5, fraud. The demographic change and disenfranchisement will further complicate the J&K issue which has claimed thousands of lives so far. This will be resisted through all democratic, peaceful means,” the party said.

Peoples Conference also opposed the rules, saying  the new procedures announced for obtaining domicile certificates further negates the sensitive and cherished aspect of sub identity which the residents of J&K have zealously guarded for decades.

“There is enough empirical evidence across the world that such changes thrust against the wishes of people have a limited shelf- life. One fails to understand why the government is in a state of denial and obstinate in not accepting the reality as it exists. It will better for the government of the day to accept realities and reverse unconditionally the constitutional depredation that it resorted to on August 5,” the party said.

The statement reads that at a time when countries and societies across the world are focused on fighting the deadly pandemic, the people of J&K have to additionally endure psychological torture in the wake of

orders issued at frequent intervals informing them and reminding them of their dis empowered status. “Issuing order after order in COVID times will not change the reality on the ground. The reality as it stares at us is that people have not accepted the decisions of August 5”, PC spokesperson said.


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