Physical Activity as an Immunity booster during COVID-19 Pandemic



The COVID-19 pandemic has disturbed all of us in one way or the other. We have disturbed our mental as well as our physical health with so much negativity around. It’s necessary to keep ourselves positive and the positivity can be attained only when our body is active.

Physical activity is necessary for all of us. As we are under lockdown there is no activity taking place in our lives and as we are following our eating-sleeping schedule it is very necessary to exercise. Physical activity not only keeps our heart and soul sound, but also makes our immune system strong. It makes our immune system capable of fighting the infections. 

Be it a morning walk or playing football both keep our body fit. Physical activity reduces the risk of heart diseases and all the stress causing problems. Due to the contagious nature of COVID-19 it is not possible to go out and play with friends but we can do many physical activities at home. From taking a walk in the lawn to washing utensils in the kitchen one can stay fit and healthy.

We can exercise Yoga in our homes. It boosts both our physical and mental health. It is necessary to keep ourselves busy in physical activities because it makes our body lean and strong and will surely make us capable of fighting this deadly virus. 

Physical activity is a remedy for anxiety and depression. By exercising our lungs exhale rapidly which cleanses our lungs, circulates our blood and hence increases our immunity. Immunity cannot only be increased by taking nutritious diets, it is necessary to boost the metabolism of our body by doing exercise. Only then the nutritious diet will work. So we should start doing exercise in our homes to keep our mental as well as our physical health in a good condition.

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