Pampore teenager publishes novel in English


Pampore: At 19 years of age Mir Saqib Farooq has published a novel, joining the league of young Kashmiri English writers.

The teenager from Pampore completed his first novel World Fallen Apart in over three months writing for four to six hours every day.

Mir says he grew up listening to poems of classic Urdu writers from his grandfather.

“Allama Iqbal was one of such poets. My grandfather would often read out his Nazams like Shikwa and Jawab-e-Shikwa to me,” the boy said.

Soon, he developed an interest in English fiction and his insatiable hunger for the genre led him to read Look Homeward, Angel and Alchemist, the masterpieces by literary giants Thomas Wolfe and Paulo Coelho respectively.

Mir was flirting with the idea of writing a novel for few years with characters like Mufaiz, Sakeena, Ayesha, Haji Rehman among others going round and round in his head.

But it was not until the fall of 2017 when he took his 12th grade exams and began putting his ideas down in writing.

“It took me more than three months to complete the novel. I would write for 4 to 6 hours a day without any break.”

After completing the book, Mir sent the draft to many publishers including Penguin but faced rejection.

“I had to struggle for some time before a Delhi based publisher Blue Rose Publisher agreed to publish it.”

Mir takes pride in the fact that Blue Rose has published some bestseller titles like “Woman Everything Will be Fine” by Rashmi Trivedi.

“I felt on cloud nine when the publisher accepted my draft. I can’t express the feeling.”

World Fallen Apart is about the struggle of an orphan student Mufaiz, the protagonist who wants to pursue a carrier in aerospace. After finding the education system in Kashmir less promising, he goes to London to pursue his passion where he meets up Ayesha and gets enamoured with her.

Ayesha is also an orphan who has lost her father to a blast back home in Pakistan.

Both soon fall in love with each other. As the story goes on, Mufaiz finds a job with an aerospace company that sends him on a space mission to Mars. But this is a one-way journey which puts Mufaiz in a quandary.

However, he finally decides to go along with Ayesha to find a new abode for mankind.

Mir says his novel has multiple themes like fatality, fate, misery and love.

“Through my protagonist, I have made an attempt to show how the current education system has failed to broaden the horizons of students and wings to their dreams,” the young writer said.

Mir says that he wants to pursue a career in aerospace rather than in literature.

“Aerospace is my passion and literature my hobby that I can’t live without.”

Mir is the third young writer from south Kashmir. Adnan Shafi of Tral in Pulwma and Rafia Mukthar of Qazigund in Anantnag are the other two young writers who came up with their literary contributions in the form of English poetry.


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