Mutahida Majlis Ulema terms ban on Jamaat-e-Islami as unconstitutional and revengeful


Srinagar: Mutahida Majlise Ulema(MMU) termed Government of India’s decision to ban Kashmir’s socio-religious party Jamaat-e-Islami for five years as highly undemocratic, and unconstitutional and revengeful. JeI is a constituent ofMutahida Majlise Ulema .

MMU said JeI has been doing social and religious work for a long time as under its aegis, scores of educational institutions are being run and banning the schools and other institutions including orphanages will put the life source and career of the thousands of children and students at a stake. It is highly regrettable.

MMU said that the ban imposed on JeI will also affect a large sections of poorer section of society and destitutes .

MMU said that the ban imposed should immediately revoked.
The MMU said that such steps being taken by the GoI are grossly against the interest of the people of Kashmir and will in no way help restore peace in the troubled valley but would instead only further add to the anger of people against New Delhi.


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