KU encourages culture of ambassadorship among youth to protect environment


North Campus organises series of events to celebrate ‘World Environment Day’

SRINAGAR: To raise awareness about environmental protection and sustainability, the North Campus, University of Kashmir (KU), last week, organised series of events to celebrate the ‘World Environment Day’ with the theme ‘Land Restoration, Desertification and Drought Resilience’.

Students from the satellite campus, various colleges and schools from Baramulla district participated in the event, emphasising the slogan ‘Our land our future and we are #GenerationRestoration’.

The main highlights included a plantation drive, garbage hunt, eco-walk, speeches, environmental protection oath and various competitions.

While emphasising the importance of environmental preservation, Director, North Campus, Dr Sheikh Ghulam Mohammad, said that Jammu and Kashmir is blessed with natural resources that need to be protected.

“By engaging in activities like these, we encourage a culture of environmental ambassadorship among our youth,” he said, adding that keeping the campus green, clean and polythene-free is not just a goal “but a responsibility we all share”.

The participants were encouraged to voice their perspectives during the session, creating a dynamic and interactive atmosphere.

Coordinator, Department of Botany, North Campus, Dr Bilal Ahmad Mir, urged everyone to take tangible actions, such as volunteering for clean-ups and tree planting.

“Each small action contributes to a larger movement of restoring our planet,” he reiterated, adding that the ‘World Environment Day’ is a reminder that we must take proactive steps to preserve our environment for future generations.

The event featured speeches by students discussing their roles in environmental protection.

A garbage hunt demonstrated practical environmental care.

Recognising their efforts in maintaining a clean campus, the director felicitated the winners.

Quiz competitions were held in inter-school and intra-university categories, engaging students in environmental knowledge.

Principals of various schools also delivered speeches, underscoring the need for environmental conservation.

Showcasing creativity and relevance to the theme, a painting competition ran alongside the quiz, where students conveyed the urgency of ecosystem restoration.

An essay competition further encouraged students to express their views on environmental issues.

The participants later took a a pledge to plant at least one tree annually, symbolising a collective commitment to nature.

Later, a valedictory ceremony was held whereby certificates were distributed among the winners of the competition and the quiz.

The celebration concluded with an eco-walk and group photography, capturing the spirit of the day.