‘Jab we met’, after 24 years, there was no degree of our joy and expressions


I am highly thankful of you all my dear friends, you rejuvenate the moment

“Bitter Truth”

by, Syed Tahir

It was not an easy thing to meet with your childhood friends around the dead stones under open sky, who had also remained silent over something. But despite having our busy schedules we made it possible to call a get together. Honestly it was like an embarking on a journey with your friends that too in an unpredictable voyage whereas every person should have a new experience at least once in his or her life.

We had never imagined that we will study in a boarding school, far away from our parents, relatives and childhood friends, but the compulsions and strictness that were made by the then authorities had never allowed us to create indiscipline, but yes we met like strangers and when came out of school after spending at least five-six years of togetherness we were more friends than unknown.

My friends said that those golden memories of our lives are still afresh in their minds, as we were made targets, injustice was done with us, but still after that we were little chaps and couldn’t realize what we are and what we will be in future and nobody could ever take those memories away from us.

So, if you’re able to convince your friends to pack their bags and start a new chapter across the seas, keep them close: The friends who travel with you will be some of the greatest friends you could possibly ever ask for.

                                                  “They say all good things must end

I’ll hold your hand always, you said.

As I clasp my hands and mourn

I am not.

I am but a broken dream

Now, I am only memories.

I am but a lost soul

Time torments the heart.
Now I, am only your pictures

Twenty four years passed of our departing.

(S Tahir)”

On July 7 (Sunday) Jab we met with those childhood friends, our hearts finds no leap and bounds of happiness, in such a way we were celebrating those un-heard moments that we had never expressed with each other when we were like in kindergartens

The intensity of feelings and emotions were so high that we were hardly ready to leave the place of meeting, though we were 14 class mates, but unfortunately only 8 including 6 males and 2 females could make it possible.

Some spoke about the senior/juniors of our boarding school of which we were also part and parcel then, but those days were the days of our learning our paradigms of success that hardly luck and the situations favoured us.

My friends not only shared their past but their present state of experiences they are meeting with, as the temperature rose, we beat the heat by taking juice in jokes, ha,ha that were never heard till date.

It is understandable that, humans are social and emotional animals, but there was no degree of our joy and a bit of sorrow, as we had met after 24 years today. We preferred to share our thought but there was an excitement of seeing each other, then to speak worldly affairs.

If the age-old saying is true that you never truly know someone until you walk and talk with them, then it’s also true that all these things are possible with best friends who are eager to see you, to meet you, to listen you despite their own feelings, I am highly thankful of you all my dear friends, you made it possible today.

In 1990, we were 14 classmates including Altaf, Arshid, Bashir, Bilquees, Geeta, Irshad, Kounsar, Mudasir, Nusrat, Nasreen, Roomi, Tahir, Yaseen, and Waheed, but this get-together was most probably impossible without two friends, like Nasreen and Waheed, who put their efforts in assembling us after 24 years of departure.

Meeting childhood friends after ages was like dream come true. We had a memorable time at Phirhaspora Pattan, and Sindbad restaurant. We had a lot fun and got relaxed at the same time.

I accept that, we couldn’t reverse back as the childhood memories are slowly fading with each passing day, and we must accept this bitter truth with a big heart and maturity.

Na bachpan raha, na who yadien he mit gaye

Jawani main qadam rakhtay he, Tahir mazi ko na boola paya.

Meray doston na mujhay samjha, kissi say koyi gila be nahi

Kabi idher to kabhi udher, akhir milay hum kissi naye moad pay.


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