If even another Gandhi comes, AFSPA can’t be repealed: Amit Shah to Rahul Gandhi


NEW DELHI: BJP national president Amit Shah on Wednesday Asks Congress President Rahul Gandhi if AFSPA will be repealed.

Addressing the election rally in the Uyyarpur Bihar Amit Shah said that “I have come to tell Rahul Baba that this will never happen in your whole life, not only that, after you, if any other Gandhi also comes, he will not be able to repeat it. Shah said that Rahul Baba, Lalu, you have to do miracles with terrorists. This is the government of Narendra Modi. If the bomb was dropped from Pakistan, then we would take revenge”.

He said that the Bharatiya Janata Party has done the best work in the country, it has worked to secure the country. “It was a time when Pakistan’s terrorists used to take the heads of soldiers of our country. Mauni Baba Manmohan Singh did nothing. Pulwama attacked It was not the Congress government at the moment. BJP government”, he said.

Referring to the Pulwama attack, the BJP’s national president said that when the brave of the Air Force on the strength of Prime Minister’s strong will, demolition of militant hideouts in Pakistan, there was a stir in Mahmilvati Thagbandan.

Rahul Baba and all the Congress party leaders started demanding evidence from the air strikers, saying they should have a dialogue with Pakistan. The people of the country should tell us to talk to Pakistan or to bring terrorists to death. The public in attendance supported the matter of ending the terrorists in one voice. Shah said that this is New India, it is the Modi government – the terrorists will be given answers in the same language. India is not going to stop.


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