‘IFD Annual Conference’ A Brief Report


By Saqib Ahmad Hurrah

Idarah Falahudarain, Baramulla organised its annual program comprising of a series of lectures and annual conference from June, 21 to June, 25, 2019. The Chief Guest for Annual Program – 2019 was Dr. Mohiuddin Ghazi, Dean Faculty of Quran, Islamic University, Kerala.  Dr. Ghazi, author of various religious books.

On Friday, June, 21, 2019 the annual program began with a public lecture at Masjid-e-Iqra, Srinagar where Dr. Ghazi addressed gathering during Friday prayers. He talked about the struggle that common people face in their lives and argued that Islam intends to direct these struggle towards good. He explained the prophetic traditions and emphasised on dynamic approach to win over hard times faced by people. He instilled hope on audience and asked them to remain steadfast on path of Islam and work towards liberating the world from the miseries and hardships.

Saturday, June, 22 Dr. Ghazi addressed the students of women’s college, Baramulla on the theme, ‘The Great Responsibilities of Muslim Women’. The program began with recitation of Quran and Naat by students of the college.  Dr. Ibrahim Khawja introduced the theme and Guest. Dr. Fehmeeda Hilal, the Principal and other staff of the college welcomed the guest and elaborated the importance of extension lectures.  Dr. Ghazi assumed the stage and expressed his delight for speaking to women at Baramulla.

He quoted the examples of pious women from Quran and said that women have played wonderful roles in the history and Quran has documented some of them. He said that God ordained the toughest responsibility on Maryam (as) when he blessed her with a son without a male mate, and Maryam succeeded in retaining her faith against accusations hurled at her by people.

He quoted mother and sister of Musa (as) who planned to save Musa (as) from killers of Firaoon and ensured that he lives and emerges as a leader. He quoted the example of wife of Firaoon who accepted Islam and challenged the tyrant dictator of times and also faced hardships for sake of Allah.

He told women audience that Allah has blessed them with same intellect as given to men, has addressed them separately in the Quran, and has made them accountable independent of men. He answered the questions posed by audience relating to inheritance rights of women, leading of women in prayers, women as political heads of the state, the ways and modes of divorce, the failing of men to grants rights to their females, eve teasing, coeducation and others. The program concluded with the word of thanks.

Dr. Ghazi visited ‘Aarifeen School of Excellence’ at Upper Delina, Baramulla along with Chairman of the School. He addressed the teachers of the school and described them as soul of the educational endeavour of IFD.

He called upon them to invest their best in making of the better generation in their class rooms. He appreciated the school management for creating a technology aided infrastructure for schooling. 

Dr. Ghazi also addressed a gathering of researchers and well-read students on the theme, ‘Essence of the Intellect: In the Light of Qur’an’. He asked, ‘if ‘Aqal’ contradicts ‘Wahi’, what would you believe in?’, and had an hour long interaction on this question addressing its different aspects. He argued that Islam has put no limits on intellect and has asked intellect to search for truth. On revelation, he argued that it is God-described-Truth, to be accepted by people by employing the intellect and should not be denied based on conjecture, half-baked information, and belief of past or due to desires of self.

He said the enemies of the intellect and wahi are the same, and aqal will always end up at explaining the God’s scheme.  

Sunday, June, 23, Falahudarian organised its annual conference at Masjid-e-Bait-ul-Mukaram the program began with recitation of Quranic Verses by Br. Irfan Bahadur and by reading of a Nazm by Br. Aqib. It was followed by opening remarks by Br. Imtiyaz Abdul Qadir, Reseach Scholar at University of Kashmir and member of executive council of IFD, who explained the theme of conference.

He explained need of such conferences and emphasised on importance of strengthening basic civilizational values among people. He called upon people to unite and spread love and brotherhood.

The first guest speaker,  Er. Nazir Ahmad Pampori talked about role of ethics and moral values in building an Islamic society. He argued that prophets were firstly good at morals and were later on chosen for prophethood. He asked people to develop a value based society wherein everyone feels safe and secure.

Br. Aijaz ul Haq Naqashbandi, spoke about need for unity among Muslims. He argued that Muslims to think for their collective good and priorities their efforts in right direction. He asked the religious leaders among Muslims to ensure that minor debates of Islamic jurisprudence do not enter common man’s domain. He called upon people to ensure that divisive elements are discouraged and restricted from spreading venom against fellow Muslims.

The Chief Guest of the day, Dr. Mohiuddin Ghazi spoke about the strengthening mutual relationships from the family level to the Ummatic level. He quoted the Quranic verses and emphasised that love, mutual understanding and efforts in right direction have been appreciated in Quran and that they form cornerstones of a healthy society. He explained the importance of peace at home in the making of a peace in society.

The final speech was delivered by Maulana Showkat Shaheen, Orator at Masjid e Iqra, Srinagar. He talked about deteriorating work culture among Muslims. His speech explained a statement of great Kashmir Sufi scholar, Shiekh ul Alam, who said, ‘yem ker gungul sue kar e krav’. He talked about the deteriorating work culture in Kashmiri society and employed religious texts and historical traditions to emphasise upon people that work is important. He argued that no society can grow being idle, instead hard work keeps societies alive and evolving. 

Large number of people participated in the program. The female section was coordinated by members of Idarah Banat u Zahra, Baramulla. The program ended with the word of thanks and prayers.

Monday, June, 24, The presentation on ‘Understanding the Quran: New methodologies’, by Dr. Mohiudin Ghazi at Conference Hall of Center for Research and Policy, Studies, Baramulla. The program was attended by a selected gathering of IFD associates and the Members of Banat-u-Zahra, Baramulla. The program was followed by an intense Q&A session.

Dr. Ghazi spoke in the Auditorium of Government Degree College, Boys, Baramulla on the theme, ‘Social Justice in Islam’.  The Principal of the College, Prof. Fazlu Rahim Biegh introduced the theme and welcomed the guest. Dr. Ghazi, later talked about the meaning of justice, its Quranic interpretation and its adoption in the society.

He made a critique to existing forms of justice and said that lack of concept of God and the day of hereafter fails humanity in meeting standards of justice. He answered to Questions from audience at the end of his speech.

The Final event was a public lecture of Dr. Ghazi at Masjid e Noor, Khawjabagh, Baramulla. He addressed the theme, ‘Exemplary Society’. He gave a detailed description of a good and explained its making in the light of Quranic teachings.

The program ended with prayers and the word of thanks.

Tuesday, June, 25, the associates of IFD toured famous tourist destination Gulmarg along with the guests.


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