Deputy Commissioner approves 93 HADP, 17 PMFME cases at Rajouri


RAJOURI: In a groundbreaking move to propel Agricultural development, Deputy Commissioner Rajouri, Vikas Kundal, led a pivotal District Level Committee meeting centered on the Holistic Agriculture Development Program (HADP) today.

Commencing the meeting, the DC meticulously examined the strides made in implementing all facets of the HADP encompassing a variety of sectors.

Notably, the committee approved a total of 93 applications comprising 42 under the Animal Husbandry sector and 51 of the Agricultural sector distributed across diverse projects and components.

In endorsing these applications, the DC emphatically directed the Agriculture and allied departments to expedite the fulfillment of targets outlined within the HADP framework for the district.

Furthermore, the Deputy Commissioner Rajouri Vikas Kundal underscored the imperative need for seamless collaboration among stakeholder departments towards the implementation of diverse initiatives.

He specifically directed these departments to extend their outreach to farmers residing in remote areas and foster awareness about cutting-edge agricultural technologies. The proactive and comprehensive approach underscores the commitment to not only approve applications but also ensure the expeditious and efficient execution of agricultural initiatives for the holistic development of the region.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Commissioner also approved 17 cases under PMFME, paving the way for beneficiaries to access financial support under this laudable initiative. He emphasised the importance of equipping beneficiaries with comprehensive information and unwavering support related to the PMFME scheme, including the swift disbursement of funds. He stressed the necessity for rigorous monitoring of the progress made by these enterprises, ensuring that the allocated funds are deployed judiciously for their intended purposes.

Officers who attended the meeting were CPO, Mohammad Khurshid; GM DIC, Ashwini Sharma; ACR, Imran Rashid Kataria; ACP, Sheraz Chowhan; CAO, Sohan Singh; CAHO; Dr Khalid Hussain; DSHO, PP Sagotra; DHO, Shafqat Mir; DDM NAVARD, LDM, Sanjeev Bhasin and other concerned officers.