Delhi man arrested month after killing wife, burying her body in forest


NEW DELHI: A 19-year-old man has been arrested more than a month after he allegedly strangled his wife to death and buried her body in a forest near Ashok Vihar in Delhi, said police.

According to Delhi Police, Vicky murdered his wife Sapna (23) and, with the help of his brother, buried her body in the forest near Ashok Vihar in December last year.

Sharing details, the police said, “The incident pertains to December 26, when Vicky, who had an argument with Sapna, first strangled her to death under the influence of alcohol and then buried her in the forest with the help of his brother.”

Police said Vicky then fled from home and the incident came to light only after Sapna’s mother, Savitri, lodged a missing report of both with the police.

“Almost a month after Vicky and Sapna had gone missing, Savitri lodged a missing report with the police on January 25, after which a search operation was conducted to find them. However, the police had no clues on their whereabouts,” said the police.

Incidentally, on February 8, a dog got stuck in the pit at the very place where Vicky had buried his wife’s body.

“We received a PCR call that a dog had got stuck inside a pit in the jungle area. During the rescue operation for the animal, the police discovered Sapna’s body,” said the police.

Initially, the police did not know whose body it was but after matching several missing reports, it became clear that it was Sapna’s body, after which the police started an investigation.

With the help of technical surveillance and human intelligence, the police found that Sapna’s husband was involved and Vicky was nabbed.

According to the Delhi Police, Vicky confessed that he had murdered Sapna. Vicky said Sapna was also addicted to alcohol and that she had given birth some time ago but their child had died due to anaemia. As per the accused, after the child’s death, the duo had regular fights and on December 26, the fight between them escalated and Vicky strangled her to death.

The police have registered a case of murder and arrested Vicky.

A search is under way for his brother, who helped the accused bury the body.