Beautification Plan for Ganderbal Town discussed


DC calls for collaborative efforts for modernization

GANDERBAL: The Deputy Commissioner (DC) Ganderbal, Shyambir today convened a meeting aimed at devising a comprehensive beautification plan for Ganderbal town.

The meeting held in the V.C Room of the DC Office discussed in detail the course of works planned under FC-Grants for the fiscal year 2024-25.

The Executive Officer, Municipal Council Ganderbal presented a diverse array of proposals encompassing the town’s facade enhancement plan. These proposals spanned a spectrum of initiatives including road widening, footpath development, removal of concrete electric poles, installation of street lights, traffic lights, pedestrian crossings, signage, and street and road labeling.

The meeting delved into detailed discussions on various developmental plans, with a notable focus on enhancing streets, implementing smart vending strategies, introducing WayFinding Sign systems, pedestrian lights, Zebra crossings, augmenting the City Library, Ancillary Plans and earmarking areas for Riverfront development.

Recognizing the significance of collaborative efforts, the concerned officers contributed valuable suggestions to further refine the proposed plan.

Regarding street development proposals, the DC directed the EO Municipal Council Ganderbal to conduct a comprehensive street survey from Qamaria Model Educational Institute to District Court Complex, involving all pertinent departments.

Additionally, a detailed report outlining utility relocation requirements and designated locations for installing signage and streetlights was mandated for expeditious submission.

Emphasizing the imperative of enhancing civic amenities, optimizing resource allocation, and ensuring streamlined services for residents’ welfare, the DC underscored the administration’s commitment to modernize Ganderbal town.

The meeting was attended by EO Municipal Council Ganderbal, Chief Planning Officer, Executive Engineers of Jal Shakti, KPDCL, I&FC, and other officials, showcasing a concerted effort towards the holistic development of Ganderbal town.