Nayyar Azam: Kashmir has been the land of great Sufis, poets, leaders etc who came and set an example for all of us. Sufis with high spiritual power, writers and poets with high intellect, leaders with utmost power of resistance made us proud to say that we belong to RESH WAER(valley of intellectuals).sufis such as sheikh Noor u din Noorani RA, Sheikh Makhdoom RA etc had a great impact ,even today people often quote them,their wisdom sayings and have a great respect for them.

Mahjoor, Lala Ded, Habba Khatoon etc like Brillant poets lived,proved their mettle and kept all of us singing their beautiful lines all the time.Mahjoor if taken was really a realistic and an intellectual poet who by his writtings conveyed message of brother hood, love and affection.If i have to define Mahjoor i would simply say that he is the Iqbal of kashmir.

This was the bright past of our valley which i consider as to be the “age of legends”.

In present times,kashmir is still having a no.of legendry poets,leaders,writers etc who have gained the intrest of people and live in their hearts.I personally love and respect all of them for they have maintained the identity of our valley and have kept our glorious past alive even today.

Resistance leaders especially are the living legends of the present time. Masarat Alam, Qasim Faqtoo, Asia Andrabi, Sherai and Syed Ali Shah are the best example of ones role model in life who are either house arrested or put behind the bars. I have respect and love for all of them from the core of my heart but utmost love is for 85 years old ailings hero Syed Ali Shah Geelani. His role in the ongoing movement is unforgettable and mindblowing.

He is labelled such a dangerous man that he is not allowed to move out from his residence, even barred from offering prayers.I have no words to explain such a legendry man who has to get permission from police even when he has to see a doctor for medical checkups.
I would like to quote on line for him…
“Tum salamat raho hazar bars ….har bars kae hou din pachas hazar..”

I have studied Gandhi, Ali Muhammad Jinnah, Mandela like leaders very keenly but Syed Ali Shah is quite different. His resistive nature and utmost steadfastness make him an ordinary and exceptional leader amongest of them all.

I met him a week ago , he kissed my hand and we had a beautiful talk for atleast an hour .

I had tried many a times to meet him but the local police their didnt grant permission for they consider it as a law and order problem to let somebody meet the ailing leader.

His residencec is turned into a police station or we can simply say modified police station where a large batalion of police and CRPF keep guarding just like BSF on international border.

I have gone through most of his books eg WULAR KINARAY which is the best of them all and i consider it as a master piece.

I noticed an important and the most interesting thing in the books that his way of thinking coincides with that of Moulana Moududi RA most of their books they both have mentioned and explained slavery and have termed it as the most ugly and dangerous thing.

Most of the times they have expressed beautifully the fact that” a muslim can never be a slave”.This I consider as to be the most beautiful and a worth statement .

I consider Moulana Moududi Ra as the modern age hero and i would never like to compare him with any body else.His way of thinking can change ideologies of youngesters.

In the similar way i consider Syed Ali Shah Geelani as ” the icon of truth and resistance, the legend within us and his philosophy as the best and beautiful one.

(The author can be reached at mirnayyarazam@gmail.com).


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