11th NCORD Meeting held in Rajouri  


DM calls for effective enforcement of drug control measures

RAJOURI: District Magistrate Vikas Kundal on Friday presided over the 11th meeting of the District-Level Narco Coordination Centre (NCORD) Committee, here.

 The meeting focused on addressing the critical issue of drug abuse and trafficking in the district. Key stakeholders and departmental representatives were present to discuss and devise strategies to combat the menace.

The District Social Welfare Officer, Wakeel Ahmed Bhat, provided a comprehensive update on the progress made regarding the Action on the previous decisions. Notably, it was informed that as per the instructions 535 medical stores have installed CCTV cameras  to keep check on over the counter sale of banned drugs.

The District Magistrate stressed the enforcement of CCTVs at all medical stores and directed the concerned authorities to ensure compliance.

Furthermore, the District Magistrate urged the Assistant District Magistrates (ADMs) to take immediate steps to declare four Panchayats per sub-division as drug-free. This initiative aims to create drug-free zones at the grassroots level, thereby safeguarding the community from the ill effects of drug abuse.

Recognising the significance of awareness activities, the District Magistrate instructed the concerned departments to initiate mass awareness campaigns in schools, colleges, and public spaces. The campaigns are intended to engage members of the Panchayati Raj Institutions (PRIs), students, and locals in spreading awareness about the perils of drug abuse. The education department was particularly urged to prioritise anti-drug abuse awareness in all educational institutions.

Moreover, the District Magistrate emphasised the need for seamless coordination among the health, police, and social welfare departments to keep check on the perpetrators. “The collaboration will facilitate the sharing of crucial information regarding drug addicts, enabling their timely rehabilitation and support,’ he said.

Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP), Amrit Pal Singh, highlighted the importance of reporting any instance of drug trafficking or related activities. He urged the officers and individuals involved to promptly share the information they may come across, contributing to the collective efforts against drug proliferation.

Maintaining strict vigilance against drug-related offences was also emphasised, along with intensified awareness campaigns to deter individuals from falling victim to addictive substances.

The District Magistrate, along with the SSP and other officials, reiterated their commitment to combating the drug menace and safeguarding the well-being of the community. The joint efforts of all stakeholders, including government departments, law enforcement agencies, educational institutions, and local communities, are paramount in creating a drug-free society.

The meeting was attended by Additional Deputy Commissioner Rajouri, Rajiv Khajuria; Additional Deputy Commissioner kalakote, Krishan Lal; Additional Deputy Commissioner Sunderbani, Vinod Kumar Behnal: ASP, Vivek Shekhar; CEO, Sultana Kouser, DSWO, Wakeel Ahmed Bhat, AC Drug control and other committee members.